Central Coast Gutter Cleaning-Ridge Capping Repointing Service

Maintain Your Tile Roof with Ridge Capping Repointing & Repairs

GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning are proud to introduce a new service offering to all our new & existing clients, Tile Roof Ridge Capping Repointing & Repairs. Over time and weathering, the existing pointing can deteriorate, crack and separate from the mortar bedding under the ridge capping. When this happens, not only does it look unsightly, but the damaged can be caused by water leaking through the cracks into your roof and into your home.

What is Tile Roof Repointing? The process of repointing is to remove the old pointing from your ridge capping and to apply new high quality and flexible repointing to reseal the ridge capping. Tile Roof Repointing is the second process of re-securing the ridge capping to the roof. GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning performs a thorough removal of the old degraded pointing, then we carry out meticulous preparation to ensure the new repointing will perform it’s best.

How do I know if my ridge capping needs repointing? You may be able to see your pointing falling away from the ridge capping. Or perhaps you have an existing leak in your roof that’s become apparent inside your home. Quite often by this point it’s probably looking quite sad also. However we don’t recommend that you get onto your roof to inspect for yourself. GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning can professionally and safely inspect your ridge capping and make recommendations if the tile roof repointing is needed. Ideally to maintain a good tile roof, it is recommended repointing ridge capping should be carried out at least once every 10 years.

Repointing your Ridge Capping is a preventative measure from our heavy rains and wild weather. It safeguards your home from unneccessary leaks, but it also improves the look of you home adding property value. It’s a two edged sword, it saves you money from leaks whilst increasing your homes worth.

Give GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning a call today about your Tile Roof Repointing, and we’ll provide you with a Free Competative Quote to Repoint your Roofs Ridge Capping.


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