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Do you need quality Solar Panel Cleaning Central Coast? GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning brings an industry leading solar panel cleaning service to you.

Solar panels are a great way to contribute to the green energy movement in Australia. Along with making an environmental difference, solar panels offer great return investments and savings on your power bill. Most solar providers recommend cleaning every 6-12 months, or twice annually. Give GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning a call for a fast and friendly solar panel cleaning service.


Why is Solar Panel Cleaning so Important?

What many people don’t realise is that not long after installation, your solar PV system loses its efficiency. Not because of the quality of the system, but because of nature’s influences.

Dust, dirt, leaves, bird droppings and salty air could hold back your solar panel system. Solar panels that are left untouched for 2 or more years can lose up to 35% of their efficiency. If left for even longer, you could be losing up to 50% efficiency. That figure is staggering, considering a cloudy day only drops efficiency by 10-25%.

It’s true your solar panels withstand normal weather, dust, dirt and bird droppings, but can you really afford for your solar investment to not work at its best?

Solar Panel Cleaning is one of the top ways you can maintain your solar panel investment. GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning has an expert team of solar panel cleaners highly experienced with residential homes, strata, government buildings and commercial properties on the Central Coast.

What is the Best Way to Clean Solar Panels?

A lot of home DIY warriors might wonder what the best way to clean solar panels is. There are many methods that people go about this, and there are several kits or tools that can be bought. However, DIY solar panel cleaning is a dangerous task if undertaken yourself if proper safety precautions aren’t followed. Not only this, but incorrect cleaning methods can be bulky, harsh, and actually damage your solar PV system.

The best way to clean solar panels is to employ professional solar panel cleaners to do the job.

GRD Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

Our solar panel cleaning solutions are safe and won’t damage your solar PV system, roof, and roof gutters. Cleaning solar panels can be risky work if you try to do it yourself. GRD has the right cleaning equipment for the job to carry out our work safely and to keep you safe. We follow proper personal safety procedures and electrical safety. If you have bird nesting problems with your solar panels or are looking to get your roof washed, check out our Solar Panel Bird Proofing service and Roof Cleaning services.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning is equipped to handle large-scale commercial and government sites for solar PV cleaning. We’re fully insured, and we provide our certificates of currency for Public Liability and Workers Compensation with every quote, and have a detailed Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) to comply with Australian Standards. Enquire today for a quote for your business or commercial solar panel cleaning.

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Are you looking for solar panel cleaners or prices on the Central Coast? Our local knowledge and experience allows us to give you tailored advice on how you can keep your solar panels clean and working their best. We provide our solar cleaning services to the Central Coast, including Gosford, Kariong, Woy Woy, Somersby, Erina, Avoca, Terrigal, Tuggerah, Bateau Bay, The Entrance & Wyong. Looking to compare solar panel cleaning prices? Contact GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning to provide a free friendly assessment and quote.

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Whether it’s around your home or commercial site, we offer our clients additional services to go along with your Gutter Clean or New Gutter Guard. Here at GRD, we want to give you the advantage and convenience of getting more done while we are already on your property. Ask us about any of our services above.



GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning are industry experts when it comes to solar panel cleaning. We have the experience and knowledge to provide residential, commercial and strata property owners with the best quality of service when it comes to solar panel cleaning. We are attentive to detail, and focused on safe, high quality work with safety checks that surpass industry requirements.

GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning provides property owners with free, no obligation quotes. Our quotes are the final price for the project with no hidden fees or add-ons. Our rates are competitive but never dismiss the quality of our work for competitive pricing. For more information or to obtain a quote on Solar Panel Cleaning, please contact a GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning specialist on – 1300 864 484

Dust, dirt, pollution, salty sea air, bird and animal droppings can and do land on your solar panels. Over time, all this build up decreases the amount of sunlight making it through to the solar panel, thus decreasing it’s efficiency.

By cleaning your solar panels, you allow the maximum amount of light possible to reach your solar panels. It is a simple but effective solution on getting the most return from your solar panel investment.

Most solar providers and installers recommend every 6-12 months or twice yearly. We also recommend the same.

Getting on the roof is risky business for DIY’ers. Without the proper equipment you could potentially cause severe harm to yourself should an accident occur. We have the proper equipment to do the job safely.

Please get in contact with us to provide you with an obligation free quote tailored to your unique circumstances.


Solar panels make great electricity return investments, however birds and vermin can negatively impact those returns. GRD Gutter Cleaning  Central Coast are professionals at installing Solar Panel Bird Proofing mesh. By keeping them out, you’re protecting your solar panel investment and ensuring you get the proper efficiency.

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