Gutter Guard/Ember Guard Helps Prevent Bushfire Attack

We can’t deny the reality of bushfires in Australia. The 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfires really made this apparent. The heavy rainfall and floods of 2022 certainly did its damage and may have made us forget about how bad the fires were. However, the risk of bushfires is again on the rise with El Nino weather patterns predicted to be here by the end of 2023. This means there is an increased risk of drought and bushfires for 2023 going on into 2024. We’ve already witnessed a mostly dry winter, which has dried out a lot of the recent growth driven by the heavy 2022 rainfall.

It’s important to do as much as we can NOW to be prepared for the dry season and a potential fire situation in our area. The accumulation of dry leaves and kindling in your home’s gutters and valleys can lead to the spread of fires during bushfires or nearby house fires. The danger comes from airborne embers landing on this dry kindling. Keeping on top of seemingly “low priority” maintenance can save you from losing your home or investment.

At GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning, we recognise the seriousness of gutter maintenance and how it can save your home. We supply and install a high-quality metal gutter guards/ember guards, to prevent embers from entering your gutters or entering under your roofing.

How It Works

The two metal gutter guards/ember guards we supply are:

  1. Premium GGD2U Woven Aluminium Ember Guard
    Hole Size: 2mm X 2mm
    Thickness: 1mm
    Uses: Gutter Guard, Bird Proofing, Ember Guard (up to BAL-40)
    Coating: AkzoNobel D1010 Premium

  2. Premium GGD2U Stainless Steel SS316 Ember Guard
    Hole Size: 1.8mm X 1.8mm
    Thickness: 1mm
    Uses: STRONG Gutter Guard, Bird Proofing, Ember Guard (ALL BAL ZONES)
    Coating: AkzoNobel D1010 Premium
    Steel Grade: Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316

The ember guard has tiny holes (2mm x 2mm or 1.8mm x 1.8mm) that lets water flow freely into the gutters, but keeps leaves, twigs, and, most importantly, embers out. Being aluminium or stainless steel means our products are also corrosion resistant. Both come with a 20 year warranty. The test from the CSIRO has found the flammability index on the mesh to be “0”, which means it doesn’t burn or melt in a fire. The mesh also adheres to all required standards to be used as a gutter guard in all Bushfire Attack Levels. BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40, BAL-FZ.

Regular roof and gutter maintenance must still be done. Leaves and debris can still accumulate on the roof, but the gutter guard makes removing them much easier. It’s as simple as blowing or sweeping them off. Any organic matter that has entered the gutters can be flushed out with a hose with the gutter guard still installed. An added benefit to fire protection and gutter maintenance includes keeping the pests out. Nesting birds and rodents actually bring the debris to you. Metal gutter guard makes it impossible for them to make your gutter their home.

Our gutter guard is fitted to both tile roofs and metal Colorbond roofs, protecting both the valleys and gutters. We install on domestic and commercial properties.

Why Choose GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning?

GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning is a local business that cares. We have built ourselves on years of experience as gutter cleaners who have worked with many types of gutter guards and cleaning maintenance. Being a non-franchise company, we devote a lot of effort towards developing trusting relationships with our clients and upholding our excellent reputation.

Our materials have a 20 year product warranty and we back our products with workmanship to match. Every gutter guard/ember guard installation is custom ordered and colour coded to your property. We really give you the tailored experience! We service the entire Central Coast NSW region, including Gosford, Kariong, Woy Woy, Somersby, Erina, Avoca, Terrigal, Tuggerah, Bateau Bay, The Entrance, Wyong and more.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call GRD Central Coast Gutter Cleaning today and book your appointment. Read more about our Gutter Guard service here.

Published: 21/8/23


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